Effective Writing For The Web

Whether you are in the process of establishing a new business, or looking for some means of sharing your thoughts with the world, it would be a good idea to develop your own website. This might be the place where you outline the major benefits of a new product, or interact with similarly minded web users. No matter what motivates you to start writing for the web, it is absolutely essential that you generate the ‘right’ kind of content.

Focussing Upon Your Audience

Any blogs, articles or promotional pieces that you create should be focussed upon the interests and desires of your target audience. As internet usability expert Jakob Nielsen recently said, “Web users have always been ruthless and now are even more so.” People will only be prepared to devote their time and attention to websites which answer their questions and address their core concerns.

The individuals who visit your website, either directly or via the search engines, are fairly unlikely to have any affiliation with your company. If they struggle to find what they’re looking for then they’ll have no qualms about moving on to a competitor’s site. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that you fill your website with relevant and easily accessible content.

The Importance Of Design

The layout of your website is arguably as important as the information contained within it. Instead of bombarding your site visitors with great walls of text, you should make full use of subheadings, bullet points and user friendly fonts. Another great way of capturing the interest of your audience is to feature some intriguing full colour pictures.

Fascinating Facts & Figures

Recent studies have shown that web users are typically loathe to spend great deals of time on individual website pages. They skim textual chunks and hone in on the most pertinent points. However, it is worth bearing in mind that people are generally quite interested in facts and figures. It would be a wise choice to include some well researched statistics within your written content.

Help Is At Hand

If you’re struggling to develop punchy and persuasive writing for the web then it may be best to hire a professional freelance copywriter. Such an individual could inject some much needed personality into your existing copy, or write completely original and engaging pieces, tailored around the specific wants and needs of your target audience.