Finding Creative Inspiration


By thinking creatively we are able to find new and occasionally even revolutionary answers to problems. Freelance copywriters have to use their imagination when developing stand-out promotional material for their clients. Sports people must find creative means of beating their rivals. Without creativity the world would be a very dull and boring place. So how do we harness the power of the creative mind?

Work With The Music

Music can be a great source of inspiration. World famous physicist Albert Einstein claimed that his accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible if he hadn’t listened to J.S. Bach’s classical works. Renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso and Hieronymous Bosch also placed great value in the music played by their contemporaries. Today’s creative types might draw inspiration from tunes such as Bonobo’s Kiara or the XX’s Intro.

Be At One With Your Surroundings

Some people believe that music acts as a distraction in the workplace. Such individuals may even seek plain and quiet surroundings. Others find that their output increases when they’re in the company of other ‘creatives’. The ideal working environment will vary depending upon the nature of work and the personalities of the workers. However, Doctor Ulrich from the Texas A & M University points out that ‘decorating a work environment with flowers increases the generation of new ideas by 15%’.

A Welcome Break

Although you might be loathe to take unscheduled breaks, this might be the most effective means of resolving difficult problems. While you feed the ducks at the local pond or stroll along the city streets your subconscious will be ticking away in the background. By the time that you return to the desk you may well have had that magical eureka moment. As Roopa Patel informs us ‘All great works of art, literature, and scientific inventions and discoveries are made when the subconscious mind is activated.’ There can be no better excuse for leaving that horrible administrative document on your desk.

Answers At The Bottom Of The Bottle

Some of the most famous literary and scientific figures claim to have tapped into the power of the mind through the use of recreational drugs and consumption of alcohol. Eighteenth century poet William Blake claimed that ‘the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom’. Writer Anthony Burgess may well have shared this sentiment. In theory, mind altering substances will allow you to let go of your natural inhibitions and explore possibilities outside of the metaphorical box. However cult film Withnail and I reminds us that drinkers and drug takers often have delusions about the significance of their thoughts.