Successful Email Marketing


Email marketing is said to be a cost and time effective means of targeting business prospects. It is a sound alternative to sending promotional letters and using mobile marketing methods. Whether you rely upon a web copywriter, or take time out of your busy schedule to create targeted emails, the aim should be to maximise the possibility of success.

Stepping Up Your Marketing Approach

While you may be tempted to take the ‘shit against the wall’ approach to email marketing, decent results can only be achieved through the development and application of a detailed strategy. The modern consumer is constantly bombarded with direct sales literature, and it will take some effort to ensure that your message stands out.

If you don’t want your email to be relegated to the spam folder then you should make your identity clear to the email recipient. It is also worth avoiding phrases such as ‘dear friend and ‘extra income guaranteed’ when it comes to the message header. Your email will stand a good chance of being opened if it grabs the attention and appeals to the interests of the prospective customer.

Tailoring Your Marketing Message

Marketing expert Andy Maslen suggests that the purpose of the headline is to ‘make the reader want to read the body copy’. The purpose of the first line of body copy is to make people read the second line, and so on. This theory applies equally as well to marketing emails as it does to press advertisements. Once the reader has clicked on the email they should see a powerful headline. This should be followed by some clear and persuasive body text.

The web writing that you produce should be tailored around the wants and needs of your target audience. Readers should be addressed by their first names or surnames, depending upon the context of the email. It is also important that you write in the appropriate style and tone, taking core demographics into account.

Web users will appreciate the option of whether to opt in or out of the email marketing list. Those who say yes to future correspondence should be made to feel as if they are part of an exclusive and highly valued club. These are the people who will be most receptive to your sales messages and most likely to form a close relationship with your brand.

Expert View

Matthew Keheler – Commercial Director of RedEye – “Your opt-in email list is a list of your customers and/or your best prospects who have said to you ‘Yes, I am happy for you to contact me’ … These are the people you want to invest in, where investment has a longer term value than simply the sale.

Content Is The Key

To keep your customers on-side it is absolutely essential that you produce a steady stream of valuable content. The best emails will contain links to informative and up to the minute articles. Customers may also want to be kept in the loop regarding the latest and most fascinating company news.

As with other forms of marketing, it is essential that you put the customer first. They should be regularly reminded about their importance to the continued development of your business.