E-BOOK writing services

Are you keen to showcase your expert knowledge of a subject guaranteed to interest and engage your business prospects? Do you want to gain recognition as a leading authority and set your website apart from the online competition? Well professional eBook writing services are the perfect choice. Whether you want a brief eBook incorporating the latest SEO tips, or a digital text packed full of useful information about property investment, I can be trusted to deliver.

Take your pick from eBook formats, including:

  • Business Guides

  • User Manuals

  • Advisory Documents

  • Industry Reports

  • White Papers

If you want your eBook to make the best possible impression then you should hire a professional prepared to do the research and find out as much about your business as possible. You should be confident in the writer’s ability to identify and expand upon the key points in your preferred brand style. These are just a couple of the assurances that I provide. Having written about subjects as diverse as architectural recruitment and WiFi marketing for a selection of established businesses I am more than confident of producing an eBook which meets your expectations.

Consider the benefits of Writespot eBook writing services:

  • Building customer engagement and brand affinity

  • Increasing your online profile and boosting website rankings

  • Boosting your sales prospects

  • Building your reputation as a leading business authority

  • Increasing the levels of customer trust and respect

As a highly experienced and diligent writer I promise to gather and organise all of the key information for presentation of your eBook. I will take the time to speak with you; asking the types of questions which get to the heart of your business. All of the information will be used in the writing of an outline which clearly highlights the subject areas which are to be covered in your eBook. I will provide an introductory section, providing you with the opportunity to give feedback on aspects such as the writing style and presentation.

Once you’ve given the go-ahead I will move forward to the complete writing of your business eBook. The content will be sent across in five-page batches, so that you can review and keep track of progress. This will be a collaborative process, with edits being made to ensure that the finished eBook is just as you want it. You will end up with a high quality customer focused content asset which can be used in the ongoing marketing of your business. Your eBook will be entirely suitable for publishing on sales platforms such as Amazon or featuring on your website for the capture of prospective customer details.

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